To the Editor:

In these trying times, it is great when a community can come together for a positive outcome. The Blue Wave Booster Club has done just that. Although we live in a community with a tremendous amount of support and opportunity, there are times when programs get lost in the shuffle.

The Darien wrestling team is probably one of the smallest programs at Darien High. As such, the budget for the program is often overlooked. We were fortunate to be able to replace one of our wrestling mats courtesy of the town but there was truly a need for two new mats. With budget constraints and the global pandemic looming greatly on the budgeting process, the idea of one, let alone two, new mats was called into question.

Despite all the trials and tribulations, the Blue Wave Booster Club stepped in and funded the full cost of a second new wrestling mat for the team. It is clear that this was not an easy decision, but the BWBC saw an opportunity to help and they took it.

It is organizations like the BWBC that so often get overlooked, but are really the organizations we need to support. The DHS wrestlers and their families want to thank the Blue Wave Boosters. You have made a significant contribution to our sport and we believe this will lead to the expansion of the program and will allow us to host events at DHS that previously we struggled to do. I would also say to the community at large, please do not forget the BWBC when you are making contributions to organizations — they help in so many little ways that are often overlooked. Become a Booster on Instagram @bluewavebooster or at their website Thank you again to the BWBC for you support!

The Darien High wrestling team