To the Editor:

Thank you to Congressman Jim Himes, State Senator Carlo Leone and State Representative Matt Blumenthal for joining more than 75 enthusiastic Darien Democrats to launch a new PAC, the Action Network of Darien Democrats, ANDD, at the home of Shannon and Jon Silsby on Saturday.

ANDD’s mission is to elect Democrats to local, state and national office. With the municipal elections behind us, our focus is the 2020 election. As an action network, we will organize opportunities for Darien residents to play an active role in the 2020 election on all levels. Whether you are someone who is interested in making calls to turn out the Democratic vote locally or willing to knock on doors in Darien or in another community, or would like to volunteer on a critical national election in another state, as an action network we will identify those opportunities and work with you, together, side by side.

It’s an exciting time to be a Darien Democrat. For the first time in the history of the town we have 3,100 registered Democrats. Democratic registration continues to rise in Darien, which became apparent this fall. Throughout this fall campaign season, people said they wanted to get involved, to ensure Democrats have a strong voice in town and to ensure a Democratic victory in 2020. These comments and more were heard at the polls and were reported in this paper.

Join our network and get active. For more information please contact

The Action Network of Darien Democrats