To the Editor:

Editor’s note: Mango, a four-month old puppy went missing on Friday afternoon from her Mansfield Avenue home in Darien, launching a social media campaign and community-wide search. She was found Saturday morning.

Mango's adventures proved to be just that for her for she was happy and healthy with not a scratch on her when Marley and I found her!

Not so for all the humans involved. Those were a long 18 hours when Mango was MIA. The greater Darien community, including people from nearby towns, pulled together, searched tirelessly, and finally cried tears of joy and hugged and hugged some more when Mango was reunited with Michelle and her family. Friday and Saturday were full of a complete range of human emotions for all involved with Mango's adventure.

I just love happy endings!

Thanks to the Darien Times for posting to help the search.

Pam Zangrillo