Editor’s Note: This letter was submitted in August but was inadvertently not printed so it is not subject to the 150 election letter word limit.

To the Editor:

A call to all constituents; whether you have children in our public schools or not, we are all stakeholders in Darien.

I am appreciative of the dedication of all the members of the Darien Board of Education. However, I am troubled by the closed caucus meeting, which was held by Republican Board of Education members a few months ago, where they discussed our town’s education budget. Whilst closed caucuses are allowed, they raise a concern as to transparency in education. We need to elect representatives to our Board of Education who prioritize putting kids’ interests first, and who demonstrate a desire to be transparent in their decision making. There is no Republican way to invest in the teaching of English, and no Democratic way to invest in the teaching of Physics. It’s just English and physics!

I am grateful we have two exceptional Board of Education candidates, Mike Burke and Sara Parent, who continue to pledge to put kids’ interests first and operate with transparency and integrity.

A welcoming listener and sound diplomat, Mike has worked tirelessly on the Board of Education since 2014. His professional background as a lawyer is an asset to the board, as he is the current chair of the policy committee and has helped negotiate the last two rounds of teachers’ contracts.

A former elementary school teacher, Sara will add an informed educator’s voice to the Board. Her education experience is necessary as our district works through the challenges it faces. Sara has proven her dedication to all of Darien’s children and families through her work leading the Council of Darien School Parents and on the RTM.

With their collective experience in our community, vested interest as DPS parents, and with a desire to be transparent, I believe Mike and Sara are exceptional candidates to represent all of us.

I urge you to vote for Mike Burke and Sara Parent for Board of Education, this Nov. 3.

Louise Waylett-Brown