Action Network of Darien Democrats endorses Jim Himes for Congress

To the Editor:

The Action Network of Darien Democrats is proud to announce our endorsement for the re-election of Jim Himes as our Representative to the 4th Congressional District.

“Much is at stake in this election in November. We need to send strong leaders back to Washington DC who continue to work for the people of their districts and our country. Jim Himes is one of those leaders. He represents our diverse district with skill, ensuring representation for all residents of our cities and towns. During a time when Congress could have been distracted by the antics of the sitting president, Congressman Himes kept focused on doing the work of the American people,” said Randy Klein Chair of ANDD.

Jim Himes has voted to:

· Expand voting rights

· Lower prescription drug prices

· Protect coverage for preexisting conditions and women’s health

· Require universal background checks

· Stay in the Paris Climate Agreement and to take steps to address climate change

· Eliminate the SALT deduction cap

· Update our outdated labor laws

· Provide emergency aid to Puerto Rico

· Reassert Constitutional authority regarding any declarations of war that risks American lives and our national security

· Condemn Trump's plan for Medicare block grants

· And co-sponsored a bill that was signed in to law to crack down on robo calls

Last week, House Democrats released a comprehensive $760 billion infrastructure plan to span over five years. Transportation has been a key issue in Connecticut. This plan will address the upgrades that we need here in our state as well as providing measures to reduce carbon emissions.

Jim Himes has proven that he is a strong, thoughtful leader committed to serving the residents of the 4th Congressional District.

The Action Network of Darien Democrats