Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful. We can get justifiably frustrated and angry with the status quo. Life is hard. It’s stressful, unreliable, unpredictable and sometimes a disappointment.

But then you see something beautiful, like Darien resident Will Lewis saw during his run at Pear Tree Point Beach. He stopped. He noted it, and shared it. He was grateful. And he was kind enough to let us share it. We are grateful for that.

Thanksgiving may have complicated roots if we analyze history. It may cause anxiety at the family table because of dynamics or politics. Or anxiety can be caused by the lack of family table.

But the fact remains we live in the greatest country in the world. We are not lucky to enjoy freedoms other countries don’t. We earned them, and should be grateful to our founders — those who braved the overwhelming odds for this freedom.

The easy thing to do is focus on our struggles. But Thanksgiving, in its essence, is an important reminder to be grateful for the blessings we have — how many or few they may be.

A blessing can be simply a beautiful sky from the beach. It can be a laugh with a friend. Or a hug from your child. It can be an unexpected kind gesture. It can be Grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe. It can be anything we might take for granted.

Don’t take the things that matter to you, whatever they may be, for granted.

Sometimes, in today’s world, it’s hard to be grateful. But nothing, including tomorrow, is guaranteed. Be thankful for today.

Rest and be thankful, as William Wordsworth once said.

Happy Thanksgiving, Darien.