Send a message to Hartford this election, vote Republican

To the Editor:

On Nov. 5, Darien holds its municipal elections. Typically, such years bring low voter turnout. Please goto the polls. Vote for your town and send a loud and clear message to Hartford.

There are lifelong politicians and long-entrenched interests in our state capital I have called “The Grabbing Hands of Hartford.” Most recently they brought you school regionalization. They aren’t on the ballot, but they will be watching turnout. “The Hands” are hoping to see that you just don’t care; that you are indifferent. They do not want you paying attention. Are you?

As Vice Chairman of The Darien RTC, I am proud of our candidates because of what they stand for, rather than their party affiliation. They represent competence, professionalism and a commitment to transparency and accountability in government. Please vote for vocal and steadfast resistance to “The Hands” on Nov. 5.

Alexander Davidson

Delafield Island

Koons has been a valued selectman

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to support Kip Koons for Selectman. Kip has consistently volunteered his time to make Darien a great place to live. Kip is a person of integrity and has quietly made significant contributions to the Town.

Kip was a member of the Building Committee for the town garage renovation. This was a $6 million project that was delivered one month early and ~9% under budget. He assisted our First Selectman in the negotiations for the Town’s purchase of 16 acres from the Ox Ridge Hunt Club. He now serves as Co-Chairman of the Building Committee for a new Ox Ridge Elementary School which includes the consolidation of district-wide ELP students into the new facility. Kip has been instrumental in keeping taxes low, increasing the quality of our infrastructure and proposing sound budgets.

Please join me in casting a vote for Kip and our Republican selectmen candidates.

Brent Hayes


McCammon represents next generation of strong, intelligent women serving town

To the Editor:

Please join me and vote for my friend Jill McCammon. Jill and I have developed a very special, respectful friendship. She listens with an open mind; reflects on what she has heard; and follows up by asking difficult, thought-provoking, strategic questions.

The town was very fortunate to have Jill as the chairman of the High School Cafeteria Building Committee. The project hit many roadblocks. Jill updated the Board of Selectmen many times. Her presentations, which were professional, fact based and concise, reflected her competent, collaborative and calm leadership style.

As I reflect back on many of the conversations Jill and I have had, I smile. I realize she represents the next generation of strong, intelligent, kind, caring women that have stepped forward to serve the town. I think it is right to say, Jill McCammon is very similar to Susan Marks 20 years ago!

Susan Marks


What is the answer?

To the Editor:

My question… why do so few voters in Darien exercise their privilege to vote, especially in off-year elections? Is it because they think their vote won’t make a difference? Are they too busy to learn about the critical issues facing Darien? Or have they become complacent because they feel everything is running smoothly and trust our town’s leaders to keep up the good work?

I don’t have the answer. Recent studies confirm Darien is faring significantly better than other towns in Connecticut. This hasn’t happened by accident. It’s happened because we have exceptionally qualified and experienced Republican leaders watching our backs to ensure this town continues to remain a place where we want to live and raise our children.

I encourage Darien’s voters to go to the polls and support Darien’s proven leadership by voting for our First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, and her team of Republican candidates. Everyone’s vote counts!

Belinda B. Metzger


Republican candidates have the courage to stand up to Hartford

To the Editor:

The biggest issue this election is the ongoing push from Hartford and the majority party to force more taxes/fees/regionalism onto successfully run municipalities and citizens as the solution to our state’s financial woes. Instead we should be looking for efficiencies that can create sustainability across our state. Much of this happens at the local level where town organizations are more accountable and transparent.

For their courage and credibility to push back against the top down heavy hand of Hartford, I’ll be supporting these candidates with enthusiasm:

 Jayme Stevenson for first selectman

 Kip Koons & Christa McNamara for Board of Selectman

 Jill McCammon & John Sini for Board of Education

 Taylor Carter & Jim Palen for Board of Finance

 Cara Gately & Larry Warble for Planning & Zoning Commission

These Republican candidates have the relevant experience, integrity and common sense to serve our community well. Please vote November 5th.

Terrie Wood

State Representative 141st district

Support Christa McNamara for Board of Selectmen

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Board of Selectmen candidate Christa McNamara. I met Christa when our daughters became best friends in nursery school. I have been in and out of the McNamara home for 14 years. I watched this dynamic woman roll up her sleeves to improve our community. She served as PTO President at three different schools, and as an RTM member. She is a Board of Education member who spent countless hours searching for our new Darien Schools Superintendent. She has a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and has served on the RTM Education Committee. She will be in a unique position to create a dialogue between the different boards to maintain the quality of our schools. She is a devoted wife and mother raising a daughter, twin boys, and a puppy. She will work to keep our town family-friendly.

Debbie Wygal


Vote for Christa McNamara for selectman

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Christa McNamara for Selectman. I have known and volunteered with Crista for over 10 years and she is truly a dedicated public servant as evidenced by her volunteerism in town government on the Board of Education, RTM and PTO and with community groups such as OPUS and the YWCA. She is a staunch believer in equal opportunity and is extremely detail oriented. She is always prepared and engaged at meetings and strives for consistency, clarity and equality. In summary she is what you would want as a representative on the Board of Selectmen.

Please join me in supporting Christa McNamara for Selectman when we vote on Nov. 5.

Dennis Maroney


Christa McNamara brings preparation, intelligence, community spirit to the board

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Christa McNamara for Board of Selectmen this year. Christa and I have worked together on the Board of Education for the past three years. At the board table, Christa is prepared, passionate about the issues, and consistently willing to advocate on behalf of the taxpayer. She is strong and intelligent, but also works with compassion and a sense of fairness.

Christa has a strong sense of community spirit, which is demonstrated through her history of involvement in Darien. She was a member of the Board of Education for six years and has served on the RTM, several school PTO’s, as well as community organizations including the boards of Opus for Person to Person and the YWCA’s Parent Awareness.

Christa joins a talented experienced team with Jayme Stevenson and Kip Koons. I hope you will join me in voting for Christa on Nov. 5.

D. Jill McCammon


Stevenson is a thoughtful and respectful leader

To the Editor:

A leader should thoughtfully listen to your concerns, consider new ideas, respect all opinions and work hard to achieve common goals. Jayme Stevenson has proven that this is how she works. Her experience as an elected official and her history of community service have benefited Darien tremendously. She has earned another term as our First Selectman. Please join me in giving her your vote in November.

Monica McNally

RTM District II

Public Works Committee


McCammon brings commitment

and excellence

to the board

To the Editor:

The work of stewarding our district and providing the best education possible for our tax dollars is complex and demanding. Jill McCammon brings an invaluable combination of commitment and competence.

An experienced community organizer, Jill led the Council of Darien School Parents for two years. Her professional experience as a management consultant and passion for education allow her to think big and push our district to be the best it can be for our students.

Jill served as the Chair of the DHS Cafeteria building committee. Her work was lauded for transparency and efficiency and our students benefit every day.

As a BOE member, Jill asks powerful questions. She frequently challenges the board to provide more transparency and accountability to our community and students. She is a champion for those who might be overlooked. Please join me in voting for Jill McCammon for Board of Education on November 5th.

Shelly Skoglund


Vote for Koons is a vote for competence

To the Editor:

A vote for Selectman Republican Candidate Kip Koons is a vote of competence. Kip is a lifelong Darienite and is part of the volunteer group of residents that continues to keep Darien a well-managed town. He understands that as a community we need the best schools, local business and a commitment to the environment and family.

I have had the pleasure of Co-Chairing the OX Ridge Elementary School Building Committee with Kip. His focus has been on getting the job done as a team and building the best school for the Ox Ridge community. His ability to get the right people focused on a specific project task, then come together as a team to discuss and make decisions based on clear information has kept the project on schedule.

David (Duke) Dineen

Vice-chairman, Darien Board of Education

Co-chairman, Ox Ridge Elementary School Building Committee