In the latest series of motor vehicle burglaries, it might seem like a futile warning to lock your doors. After all, the windows are being smashed.

But still, residents are continuing to be advised to lock doors. Lock doors of your home, your vehicle, your shed, your garage, anything lockable.

Beyond that, secure your items. Don’t leave things in the car, especially in plain sight.

Many of these incidents happen in less than ten minutes. A mourner at a cemetery left her belongings alone in her car from approximately 2:50 to 3 p.m. to visit a loved one’s grave.

By the time she got back to her car, it had a smashed window and her purse was stolen.

You’d think, of all places you’d be safe from crime, it would be in a place like a cemetery.

But you aren’t.

That’s what needs to sink in in Darien. It is a lovely town. We know all our neighbors. Our streets are blissfully suburban and bucolic.

It is so easy to believe, looking out our windows and the perception of perfection reinforced every day, that nothing bad can ever happen.

That is exactly what criminals are relying on — your false sense of security as you quickly run your dog for a walk in Cherry Lawn, or not wanting to bring all your personal stuff in for a quick workout.

The reason these crimes happen so quickly is cars are scanned for easily grabbed items.

Darien is now well-known for not locking their cars, leaving valuable items, sometimes hundreds of dollars worth, in them, and even worse, sometimes leaving the keys in them as well.

Darien Police are not just there to solve crimes, they are there to prevent them. But they can only do so much when purses, clothes, money, checks, sunglasses and other valuables are left within plain sight.

So, again:

Lock your house.

Lock your doors.

Either hide or better yet don’t leave important items in the car.

Don’t leave your keys in the car.

These crimes beget more crimes.

Let’s start making it harder for them to happen, not easier.

People who will steal from a car that belongs to someone mourning a deceased loved one have no line of decency they won’t cross.

It’s time to stop rewarding them for stooping to such depths of callousness and dishonesty.