Sometimes, sharing spaces with neighbors means compromise. Darien is lucky to be a shoreline town and have two beautiful beaches. They should be shared and enjoyed by all.

There is no question that the intentions of the Park & Rec Committee and building committee for the Pear Tree Point Beach improvement project are good. They have worked hard and put in many hours.

But there is also no question that the amount of push back on some of the aspects of the project cannot be ignored. This week alone, The Darien Times has received at least 11 letters with only one of them endorsing the project. This does not count the emails not for publication of residents voicing objections.

In our Facebook poll asking for readers’ views, the majority of over 150 responses was that the beach needs some improvements but not to the extent that have been proposed. There should be a way to have the town and community work together to reach a compromise — and have Pear Tree Point Beach go back to meaning joy and tranquility, instead of anger and division.