In the last two weeks, a series of swastikas and most recently a Star of David were found drawn on a window and in a bathroom at Middlesex Middle School.

It is unclear from the reports whether it was confirmed these drawings were there for a long time or if they were done recently. Regardless of when they were done, and by whom, it needs to be emphasized this is wrong.

The school, school district leaders and Darien police are responding appropriately, investigating it and using it as an opportunity to educate and incorporate the Anti-Defamation League. But to say how wrong this behavior is can’t be overstated.

No students should be made to feel uncomfortable, threatened or discriminated against in Darien’s schools. No member of the Darien community should feel that way either. The school district it is doing its part but we as families and parents also need to take this opportunity to make sure our children understand what just happened.

They need to understand the pain that is inflicted by at best thoughtless vandalism and at worst hateful speech. They need to understand the meaning behind these symbols and the deep-rooted pain associated with them. They also need to understand the consquences associated with all of the above.

Everyone — every student and every resident and every member of Darien’s community — should feel welcome and free from discrimination — this is our home, where we should feel safest and most secure. Let’s make sure as a community that everyone does.