You are allowed to not feel OK — if things aren’t right.

If you have dealt with a horrible loss.

If you are terribly ill.

If your kids just can’t eLearn.

If you’ve dropped all the balls.

If you question whether your feelings matter in the scope of things.

If you lie awake worrying you’ll die alone.

If you lie awake worrying your loved one will die alone.

If you suddenly think you need to “settle your affairs.”

If you worry your family business will not survive.

If you are angry at how things are.

If you are angry you would do things better.

If you hate wearing masks.

If you are heartbroken we can’t hug more.

If you feel angry that it seems everyone has it better.

If you judge your pain, thinking that everyone else has it worse.

If you feel alone because no one else gets it.

If you can’t afford to eat.

If you lost your livelihood.

If you are scared of tomorrow.

If you have to be strong for your children.

If you are mourning our children’s losses.

If you miss your best friend or your mama.

If you’re afraid.

If you can’t breathe.

If you are struggling with addiction.

If you don’t know where to turn. If you don’t know what’s next.

We see you.

We aren’t perfect.

But we’re doing our best, and we’re good enough.

We see you.

We’ve got you.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you or someone you love needs help, call 211 visit for resources or reach out to Darien Human Services at 203-656-7328 or email Ali Ramsteck