Dan Maymin (opinion): Why I'm running for state representative in Dist. 147 (Stamford/Darien).

Dan Maymin is the Republican candidate for state representative in District 147 (Stamford, Darien).

Dan Maymin is the Republican candidate for state representative in District 147 (Stamford, Darien).

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My name is Dan Maymin and I’m running as a Republican for state representative for the Connecticut House District 147 (Stamford and Darien). I’m running against incumbent state Rep. Matt Blumenthal, a Democrat. We have enough dime-a-dozen attorneys and career politicians in Hartford; it’s time for people who are actually from the community to represent our interests.

I’ve lived in Stamford the past decade, first in Springdale and the past two years in North Stamford with my wife and 20-month-old son. I graduated from University of Connecticut’s Stamford campus in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and have been with various investment firms in the area the past 11 years. Our state legislature does not even understand that we are helplessly insolvent. Everyone knows what the real issue is, but no one wants to talk about it. We need to address the subservience of state government to our public sector unions. It is time for pension reform and transparency.

When hundreds of thousands of Connecticut taxpayers are out of work and families are struggling to put food on the table, how can the situation be any worse? What’s a bigger slap in the face then the 5.5 percent pay increase to state government employees, effective immediately, per the corrupt union contracts that past politicians have sold out our state with? The stranglehold of public sector unions on the taxpayers’ dime is the reason our government is bloated. Connecticut’s total state and local unfunded pension liability is $125 billion and growing. Can we talk about pension reform now, and not keep kicking the can down the road? Any other discussion is not addressing the elephant in the room. My opponent claims absentee balloting is the main concern if the Connecticut General Assembly were to convene for an emergency July session, while his colleagues are fighting for mandating infant changing tables for male restrooms. Does this not demonstrate that government is too big? Now, in the COVID economy, everyone wants to throw away the Constitution. We have to show the world that’s not the right way to do it. The government’s role is to serve, not command.

I’m running because Connecticut residents are leaving the state post-haste because the people have had enough of the over-taxation and excessive regulation; let’s ring the bell of freedom, blow the Shofar and give our communities their liberties back. I’m running for state representative because I trust the community leaders, private businesses and residents of Stamford and Darien to be able to get our District going again, without the vain fear, cynicism, and redistribution our current legislatures achieve. CT 147 was not consistently represented since the turn of the century and have you noticed Connecticut’s solvency rank? The correlation between the lack of Republican representation in Hartford and the degradation in the quality (albeit not quantity) of state public services is a near perfect positive. For example, Connecticut’ s public education system is abysmal. Does anyone disagree? Students in China and India are learning statistics, engineering and programming, while here, in our own state, students are taught to question the achievements of our founding fathers. When the conversation is dominated by gender identity and climate change, not redistribution and runaway spending, Big Government wins and it keeps getting bigger. When Big Government wins, the people lose.

My opponent believes the state should be the most powerful force in our society. It should provide health care, regulate every product imaginable, & have absolute control over teaching our children. As state representative, I will never vote for an increase in taxes or a decrease in individual liberty. My opponent has and continues to do the opposite. I’m for a smaller, leaner government. Ideally one that doesn’t try to impose its will on the people. Ideally one that ensures “life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” rather than reallocating wealth and resources as it sees fit.

How much more over-regulated and over-taxed should we become before saying enough is enough? I am against the public sector unions’ stranglehold on our bloated government. I am against government spending and against forced redistribution!

I believe by getting the government out of the way and letting the free markets (and judicial system) dictate the flow of capital and resources, Connecticut can almost immediately reverse course and return to being the industrial leader she once was. We’ve tried Big Government for too long. It hasn’t worked. How about we put our government on a diet? Unless Big Government gets smaller, Connecticut will eventually collapse at its own weight. The disastrous policies that my opponent and the Democrats in Hartford are bringing forward have brought Connecticut on the cusp of bankruptcy while bankrolling public employees and their pensions.

In four months from now, do you want to experience the beginning of Connecticut’s turnaround, or would you like to see the continued trend of neighbors moving out, higher taxes, and botched public schooling?

If we don’t elect Republicans this November, this is the end of Connecticut as we know it.

Dan Maymin is the Republican candidate for state representative in District 147. He is a fund accountant for a family office in Old Greenwich. He lives in North Stamford with his wife and 20-month old son. www.danmaymin.com