Obituary: William Kiersky, 35

It is with profound heartbreak that we write this memorial for our dear friend, Will Kiersky, who we lost Sunday afternoon March 4 at the far too young age of 35.

Will, who loved life and never wasted a minute of it, had the unique capability to turn even the most common of gatherings into a lifelong memory. Finding the words to articulate the degree to which Will impacted our lives seems like an impossible task.

Will changed our lives forever 25 years ago when he moved to Darien, Connecticut as a fourth grader with thick glasses and a daily uniform of matching top-and-bottom sweat suits and white turtlenecks. It was not long before Will made a large number of friends, who were attracted to his unmatchable humor, intelligence, generosity and genuine love of people. Will never shied away from a little bit of trouble, the consequences of which he always seemed to charm his way through.

Will passionately loved New York sports, particularly the Mets and Knicks. However, the pinnacle of his athletic achievement occurred at the age of 12, when his little league team won a championship. Will led the team, not with what was a decidedly average batting prowess, but with an uncanny ability to lighten the mood. It wasn’t uncommon for Will to show up to games in flip flops or to lead the team through witty, while at times slightly inappropriate, cheers. The group of little leaguers, much like his 6th grade basketball team, was made up mostly of friends with whom Will stayed close with for the next 25 years; when you suited up with Will, you were on his team for life.

In his mid-20s, Will began working for Vice Media, and in the course of his near-decade tenure he saw many accomplishments as a publisher, producer, writer, and reporter. Will was incredibly proud of launching Vice Sports, a venture which perfectly merged his lifelong passion for athletics with his unique creativity as a storyteller. Despite his enormous talent and creativity, Will was always incredibly grounded, with the exception of talking about what was his true crowning achievement at Vice, meeting and then marrying the love of his life, Jenny.

Will’s nickname, “the Captain,” was inspired by his unique ability to connect people of varying backgrounds and interests. Will’s limitless creativity and boundless energy caused him to quickly outgrow the quiet suburban streets of Darien and ultimately even Manhattan, which pushed Will to travel more of the world and create more interesting stories in his 35 years than most people could in a century.

While we will miss Will dearly and are deeply saddened for the immense loss of our friend, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have had the privilege of having him in our lives. Rest in Peace William Kiersky.