Nancy A. Read, a former Darienite, and a Middlebury-educated native of Ilion, NY, who lived most of her life in Connecticut pursuing her passions of sailing, skiing, and community involvement, died February 5, 2013 at age 90.

Nancy was the daughter of the late E. Earl Read and Ruth (Platner) Read. She spent her final years in Tampa, FL, not to escape the cold but to embrace the closeness of family. She never married, yet she enjoyed the gift of a strong, life-long family bond with the Wetmores: Jean, Clay, Andy, Nancy, and Paul.

She was gregarious, adventurous, inventive, optimistic, confident, passionate about politics, and beyond all, the most loyal, devoted, and enduring friend. If you have been blessed to count Nancy as a friend, you understand the joy she brought. She was an only child who loved life and the people in it. She remembered her father to have said, "We have the perfect child; why would we want another?" We quite agree.

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