Dr. Felder passed away at home on November 10, 2013. He was a longstanding resident of Darien and a beloved, esteemed, and trusted practicing family physician in Darien for twenty two years. Many families and individuals benefited from the highest quality care and emotional support Dr. Felder provided to his patients locally and in other states. Dr. Felder long remembered and maintained connections with his many patients and their families with fond regard. Dr. Felder was highly regarded in the local medical community by his colleagues but also by many colleagues at the state and national levels.

Dr. Felder is survived by his loving wife, Judith Marr Felder who continues to reside in Darien. He is also survived by his loving children: Edward A. Felder Jr. and his spouse Constance Felder; Charles T. Felder; Susann M. Felder and her spouse Thomas Dempsey. Dr. Felder is survived by six wonderful grandchildren: Pamela Cook, Christopher Felder, William Felder, Sarah and Kelly Felder, and Kathy Dempsey. He is also survived by his older brother Davitt Felder and his wife Jean.

Dr. Felder, known as Ed to his friends and many of his patients, was born in Fall River Massachusetts and as a member of the Greatest Generation, served in the U.S. Navy as a physician beginning in 1949 after graduating from Jefferson Medical College in 1948. He married Judith Marr in 1948 while interning at the Delaware Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware.

After completing his Navy duty, Dr. and Mrs. Felder moved to Darien, where he began his family practice along with the established practice of Dr. Zeph Lane at 1089 Post Road near the Darien Playhouse. When Dr. Lane left the practice, Dr. Felder established a solo practice for a number of years until Dr. David McKee became a new partner. In 1965 Dr. Felder moved the practice to the newly built Darien Medical Building on Old Kings Highway South, which he helped to plan and design.

In 1965 Dr. Felder formed the Darien Medical Group along with his partners Drs. Sam Harrell and Jack Tobin. Dr. Felder retired from his active practice within the Darien Medical Group in 1973; however he served as medical consultant to many companies after 1973. These included: Mobil Oil Corporation, Nash Engineering, Bill Communications, State National Bank, Pitney Bowes, and the Equitable Life Insurance Company, among many others.

During his years of practice, Dr. Felder's career included a significant number of concomitant professional appointments. During most of his years of practice he served as chief school physician for the Darien Public Schools. As a result it must certainly have been a surprise for many school pupils to see their own doctor in school.

Beginning in 1967 Dr. Felder was appointed Medical Director of Patient Care Systems. His tenure with this company included his service as medical director and editor of the innovative and cutting edge Patient Care Magazine. Many of Dr. Felder's clinical skills and creative ideas helped shape the content and presentation in a much valued medical publication read nationally by many physicians in the primary care field.

While in active practice, Dr. Felder served on both the Connecticut Governors and University of Connecticut Committees which helped to establish the discipline of family practice as a medical specialty both in Connecticut and at the national level. Dr. Felder was a long-term contributor to and supporter of the training of family doctors in the state. He was appointed director of the Connecticut Academy of Family Physicians in 1977. Dr. Felder was an officer of The Connecticut Academy of Family Physicians, serving on the board of directors and elected as president in 1973.

Dr. Felder served as Vice President for Medical Affairs at Norwalk Hospital from 1973 - 1976. He was senior attending physician in both Departments of Family Practice at The Stamford and St. Joseph Hospitals.

As a partner in the Corbin Development Corporation of Darien, Dr. Felder contributed to progressive change in downtown Darien with the construction of the Corbin Building, The Darien Dinner Theatre, and one of the town's first modern but aesthetically attractive office buildings on Old Kings Highway South.

Although his professional career includes many accomplishments, Dr. Felder will be fondly remembered for: his honesty and loyalty, wisdom, unwavering adherence to the highest and most noble principles, his kindness, and his positive impact upon so many families in the community.

A Memorial will be planned by the family at a later date.