There’s no right amount of time for mourning, be it four months, four years or 40 years, coming to terms with loss is a personal process. For a group of Darien High School students, that process is still ongoing, as they continue to cope with the death of former classmate Christine Matyskowicz, who died in October of last year.

In an effort to bring further closure to themselves and their classmates, the students have planned a memorial for Christine, inviting friends and faculty who shared in her life to come and pay their respects. The memorial service will be held Thursday evening, Feb. 12, from 6  to 9 p.m. at the Piedmont Club.

Obituary: Christine Matyskowicz, 16

“We didn’t feel like we got enough closure from the funeral, and we wanted to do something for her that would give us closure and celebrate her,” DHS student Claire Phillips, one of the students behind the memorial, said.

When Claire and her friends explained their situation to Heights Pizza, the business responded by donating several trays of catered food for the event. Local photo shop Big Shots contributed as well, donating a large poster of Christine for her mother to keep.

With a bit of support from the community, Christine’s friends proceeded to pool their efforts, spreading the word about the memorial via social media and in person. Guests are asked to wear white to the evening service, as a symbol of Christine’s continued presence in their lives.

“Putting this memorial together has made it kind of hit me more,” Claire said.

"It’s been hard but I think we’re going to get through it. She’s always with us.”

Matsykowicz was just 16 at the time of her passing, and was enrolled at Wilton Westport Evening School after her time at DHS. She is survived by siblings Patrycja and David and parents Krzysztof and Dorata.