On Monday May 15, a large tree in Woodland Park fell on two Darien High School students. One received minor bruising and lacerations, while the second is recovering from broken ribs, a punctured lung and a spinal injury.

Eighteen-year-olds Claire Borecki and JP Documet recently finished senior-year coursework at Darien High School and on Monday had completed the first day of senior internships. Both were walking on a small trail near West Avenue when a large tree that appeared to have been rotting fell on them from behind. Borecki was minorly injured and contacted emergency services for Documet, who remains hospitalized. The incident was addressed by several bystanders who flagged down emergency responders, and both Stamford and Darien EMS were involved.

This is not the first newsworthy incident at Woodland Park. A car was set fire in the park in April 2016resulting later in a youth being charged with criminal mischief.

The tree has not been removed, and the path has been blocked. Walkers are advised to avoid densely forested areas on windy days, although injuries by falling trees are rare.

The town's Park and Recreation Department, which maintains the park, has not returned a request for comment.