Democrat John Lundeen's campaign manager on Thursday invited his main opponent, Republican Selectman Jayme Stevenson, to another debate between the first selectmen candidates this month, which she accepted Friday afternoon.

The invitation came through Randy Klein, the Democrat's campaign manger, at The Darien Times weekly community coffee Thursday morning at the Sugar Bowl. Klein read from the press release to Darien media about the debate at the Sugar Bowl. The invitation did not include independent Chris Noe, who is running as an "ultra-conservative" candidate.

In a press release issued Friday afternoon, Stevenson said she, along with her team, "graciously accept your invitation for a third first selectman candidates’ debate provided we have not communicated our positions in a fair and comprehensive way by the conclusion of the League of Women Voters’ debate on Oct. 25."

"I request that we schedule our debate for mid-day Thursday, Nov. 3  or Friday, Nov. 4 at the Darien Senior Center," she wrote. No date has been agreed upon yet.

Stevenson said more details regarding time should coordinate with the senior center programming and the local media, who Lundeen suggested be moderators.

"Further, I feel it is respectful to the candidate and important to the voters that Chris Noe, Ultra Conservative Party Candidate for First Selectman, is included in the debate," she wrote.

In the press release, Lundeen said "the voters of Darien are sorting through issues, and deserve to hear our positions and visions for the future of Darien side by side and in real time."

Lundeen suggested that the debate be moderated by The Darien Times, Darien Patch, Darien News, and The Daily Darien.

This would be the third debate for the first selectmen candidates. The first was on Cablevision's Channel 12.  The League of Women Voters' candidates' forum  is on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

LWV president Nora McIlree said the organization "is a strong proponent of an informed electorate."

"We believe that when citizens participate in democracy that good government and better representation follow," McIlree said, saying the organization would welcome an additional debate.

Noe could immediately not be reached for comment.