This week, "ultra-conservative" first selectman candidate Chris Noe told The Darien Times that when he first met Democratic first selectman candidate John Lundeen several months ago, the future Democrat nominee offered to be Noe's campaign manager. A statement that Lundeen said he did not recall making.

Lundeen, who Noe described as a nice guy, several months before the Democrats announced their slate — or Lundeen decided to seek office — met at Lundeen's home at a Gorham's Pond event, he said. Lundeen is the president of the Friends of Gorhams Pond.

Lundeen encouraged him to run for first selectman again, and offered to be his campaign manager because he was the guy "with all the ideas," according to Noe.

This is Noe's second run at the town's top job. He ran in 2009 and garnered 59 votes, or about 1%. Republican Dave Campbell, who won the office in 2009, earned 3,821 or 69.3%, over Democratic candidate Callie Sullivan, who got 1,629 votes or 29.6%.

Lundeen said he recalled meeting Noe at a Friends of Gorham's Pond meeting sometime in the last year, and "I did enjoy meeting him."

"I certainly do not have any recollection of either encouraging him to run again, or suggesting that anyone I knew, myself included, should manage his campaign," he said.

"I may have complimented him for having new ideas, and indeed, I think he does bring forward suggestions that no one else is talking about, which should always be welcome in an open political process," Lundeen said.