Letter: Time to quash regionalization for Darien schools

To the Editor:

We thank Matt Blumenthal and Carlo Leone for their recent talks in Darien.

It is good that we are conversing. But now we need to know whether our three Democrat legislators are going to leave the door open to allowing Darien to lose control of its schools. It is very important that the regionalization bills are withdrawn or at least modified to make clear that they do not include Darien, and that any study or commission would only concern itself with small towns of fewer than 2,000 students.

Further, per Gov. Lamont’s pledge, any bill which is up for consideration should make clear that, as promised by Gov. Lamont, it is only a vehicle for incentives to towns to save money, and not a vehicle for forcing regionalization with penalties or mandatory requirements.

It is very concerning that none of these three legislators have affirmatively committed to fighting the attack on our town’s schools.

Paul Knag