To the Editor:

Thank you to State Representative Matt Blumenthal for being a knowledgeable and thoughtful leader. At the “Coffee and Conversation” he hosted at the Darien Library on Saturday March 2nd, he provided much-needed information, insight into the legislative process, and an opportunity for a fact-based dialogue the three different regionalization bills as well as other bills that have been proposed during this legislative session.

A few important take-aways:

1. All bills go through a process (Representative Blumenthal even provided a hand out on how a bill becomes law.) It is a 21-step process. The regionalization bills are on step 7 of that process. (They have had a public hearing.)

2. Legislators certainly consider testimony in making any decision.

3. He re-stated and emphasized what was said about the process in earlier statements from him and State Senator Carlo Leone given to this paper. These points were reiterated in the op-ed written by Representative Blumenthal and State Senators Bob Duff and Carlo Leone, specifically, that this is the beginning of a conversation.

4. He encouraged people to reach out to him and other legislators because they want to hear from Connecticut residents and they are listening.

Two recent perspectives shared in this paper would lead one to believe regionalization is a done deal and a bill is on the verge of passing. Nothing could be further from the truth. As constituents and readers of this paper we should expect better from those who should know better.

As concerned and engaged citizens it is our responsibility to pay attention to what is happening in Hartford and to expect that our elected officials will keep us informed and will listen. Through his actions, Representative Blumenthal has proven himself to be the strong, levelheaded, and knowledgeable representation that Darien needs in the House of Representatives.

Evonne Klein

The writer is a former three-term first selectman of Darien and former commissioner of the state's Department of Housing.