To the Editor:

We are writing to express our heartfelt appreciation to Susan Cameron for her decades of service volunteering for the town of Darien. While Susan’s most well-known role was recently serving for six years on the Planning and Zoning Commission (with three as Chairman), her deep dedication to Darien has been exhibited by her active roster of volunteerism that has touched the lives of every one of our community’s residents.

Beyond P&Z, Susan has led and supported a broad range of community organizations and efforts including: the Land Trust, the  Darien Nature Center, the Environmental Group, the Transfer Station Advisory Committee, the Swap Shop, the Environmental Protection Commission and the fireworks Committee.

We have been fortunate to serve with Susan in her various roles and it was always clear that Susan’s heart and mind were steadfast in pursuing what was right for Darien.

Susan, for all your efforts the town owes you a heaping debt of gratitude!

Reese Hutchison, former member, Environmental Protection Commission and Planning & Zoning Commission

and John Sini, Planning & Zoning Commission chairman