To the Editor:

As an active citizen of this town for many years, I am very disappointed with the open attacks on people who voted for the Democrats and who now work for all of us at our State Capitol in Hartford. Fear and panic are being spread by fellow citizens and by some Republican elected officials. It is very easy to sit back and create hate and ignorance. If we have questions, if we don't understand something, if we don't agree with something, we have a right in this country to find out the truth and speak to our elected officials. We are a democracy, not an oligarchy so we can speak out.
A bill takes a long time to pass and if it passes, it goes through a lot of changes. We all have a voice. Go to our state website and read the bills that you are concerned about and then take action.

When our new Governor visited The Town Hall and The Mather Center two weeks ago, he met with our first selectman. They listened to each other, they talked, they established a positive relationship. Can we please try to do the same for the sake of our community and for our state?

Elizabeth Hall

The writer serves as the secretary of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee.