To the Editor:

Lloyd Plehaty was a man who was the true essence of how I often described the RTM. We have a group who is straight out of "central casting"! Quirky, usually calm man who was well read and loved music. He often quoted from the classics, Gilbert and Sullivan and strategic thought processes and analytics. I can't say I always understood what he said but always went to Google to find out. Lo and behold those quotes would inevitably be a question on Jeopardy and my children would always be impressed. I always gave Lloyd credit.

Sam Schoonmaker, Gene Coyle, Jack Whitehead and now Lloyd. The Four Horsemen of Town Government, Structure & Administration who brought intelligence, thoughtfulness, due diligence and of course all their quirky character influences. They each taught me a different lesson and I will always be grateful. I can still see each one in their chairs now. It's funny how each one had their spot in the auditorium and rarely changed seats. Maybe that's why it was always so obvious to me when they were absent. Also so painful when I knew their chair was empty forever.

I will miss Lloyd.

Sarah Seelye


The writer is the former moderator of the Representative Town Meeting.