Election 2018: The last election letters of the season from The Darien Times

Support Democratic slate on Election Day

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 6 we will go to the polls to elect those who will be representing us for State and National offices. The last two years have revealed a very dark side with the tone repeatedly set by the White House . The rule of law along with the many of our basic institutions have been under assault. Common decency at its core has been challenged by divisiveness and division. Tens of millions have protested nationwide and even here in Darien.

We must answer what kind of country we wish to live in and we must answer it now. Are we as a country going to support leadership that found ‘good people on both sides’ after Charlottesville ? Are the images of incarcerated young children something we can easily forget?  Now is the time with your vote to take the first step in a return toward civility, decency, and normalcy. Please join me on Election Day with your vote in support of the entire Democratic slate.

Randy Klein



Vote Terrie Wood and Connecticut Republicans

To the Editor:

Connecticut is in a fiscal crisis. This has nothing to do with Trump or Washington. This is the result of years of poor decision making in Hartford-- where spending goes unchecked and the only response is to raise taxes to cover the deficit.  

Basic economics will tell you this is not a sustainable policy. We need strong fiscal leadership, support for social programs and individual freedoms, legislation to fight the opioid crisis and a sincere focus on education. We need to support our local businesses with a level of taxation that encourages growth. This is what Terrie Wood and Connecticut Republicans stand for– please vote for them on Nov. 6!

Jennifer Hill


Connecticut is on fire!  Does anyone care?

To the Editor:

If your neighbor’s barn were in flames, you’d raise the alarm to extinguish a family’s potential economic ruin.  

Today, a great economic conflagration is burning across our beautiful state. The well-respected “Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth” issued a bipartisan report with this summary, “Connecticut’s platform is burning.”

But, where are the citizens banding together to fight this incendiary disaster? If my barn were actually on fire, I’m positive neighbors would act. Yet, when Connecticut’s capital is on fire, we do not. Why?

Simply, we lead busy lives. We ignore symptoms… declining property values, dated transportation, education issues, stagnant economy, people and businesses abandoning our state.

On Nov. 6, let’s think differently and act as if our vote can extinguish this rampant fiscal fire and rebuild a better CT. I hope, like me, you’ll vote for Bob Stefanowski for Governor and responsible Connecticut Republicans like Terrie Wood.

Robert "Spike" Reed



Election Day is all about the math

To the Editor:

I encourage all Darien voters to come out on November 6 to vote for Bob Stefanowski for Governor.  Bob holds the nomination for both the Republican and Independent Parties. Connecticut’s finances are in dire straits. Projections for the next biennial budget show a $4.6 Billion deficit.

In 2010, as Darien Board of Finance Chairman, I addressed this oncoming fiscal crisis in my first State of the Town Address, and in every one thereafter while I was on the BOF.   The Math never lied. Governor Malloy rammed through the two highest income tax increases in our history. As the Republicans predicted, the exodus of businesses and taxpayers accelerated. Plus, retired folks of means couldn’t leave fast enough when they figured out the Estate and Gift Tax.  It was also clear Darien would eventually have to “go it alone” without much state aid. That day is here.

Next Tuesday, we have an opportunity to FIX our state.  Bob Stefanowski is an affable guy with great business experience turning troubled businesses around. He brings a practical approach to solving problems. He is a natural leader. The recent Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth Commission, a report ordered by our legislature, has outlined an excellent path to put our state back in balance.  The Commission’s leader said that he personally thinks the Republicans provide the best opportunity for implementing the recommendations.

I share the concerns of many women about what Republicans might do at the national level to abridge our healthcare and personal autonomy. But here at the state level, our freedoms are safe.

As Terrie Wood, our esteemed state representative, has said recently, “Women need to understand that CT Republicans are a different breed from R's in Washington. CT Republicans support individual choice in reproductive rights, vote to protect our environment, and believe that LGBTQ rights are human rights. The election this year is simply about math. “

Elect the Republican ticket this fall.  We need to turn the moving vans around and create a healthy economic future.  

It’s all about the math!

Liz Smith Mao


The writer is the former chairman of Darien’s Board of Finance