Terrie Wood is thoughtful and responsible

To the Editor:

There could not be a more important time to have Terrie Wood serving as our state representative. Amidst all the anger and vitriol on today’s political stage, Terrie carries the proverbial olive branch. Fiscally conservative and socially responsible, Terrie delivers on all that is important to Connecticut. Her listening skills are second to none, and I have to imagine her thoughtful approach and respect for all make her the most well-liked politician in Hartford.

Terrie’s work on the Human Services Committee as well as Finance, Revenue & Bonding has been nothing short of exceptional. Her passion for and commitment to mental health, dyslexia and gun violence issues as well as fiscal discipline for Connecticut make her the most balanced, responsible legislator we could possibly hope for. Please join me in voting for Terrie Wood on Nov. 6.

John P. Bassler


Terrie Wood focuses on the issues

To the Editor:

During the primary, I was approached by a candidate, who after “introducing and pitching” themselves asked how I would vote. I replied that while at the time I had not made up my mind, I would vote for candidates who said nothing negative about their opponents — but rather focused on their own strengths, accomplishments, intentions and vision.

I believe one of these candidates is Terrie Wood. Terrie focuses on what needs to get done and how to do it —  rather than denigrating her opponents. I encourage my fellow voters to decide likewise.

Peter F. Eder

7 Red Barn Road

The music never stopped

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Terrie Wood’s candidacy to once again represent Darien and Norwalk in Hartford as our state representative for the 141st District. Having known her personally for over 10 years, and watched her work tirelessly to advocate for our town and the state’s best interests during her first five terms, Terrie has consistently proven to be a tough, but fair and balanced public servant.

In an environment too often dominated by bipartisan inertia, Terrie has demonstrated both the strength of character to stand up for what is right for her constituency, as well as the wisdom and flexibility to reach across the aisle when leadership is required to drive common sense solutions for the state. Be it her thorough understanding of the financial issues facing our state or her compassion to embrace and work to address social issues, Terrie is the right woman for the job.

Matthew Troy

19 Great Hill Road