At the Darien League of Women Voters’ board meeting on Wednesday, Feb 7, Director of Darien Human Services Alexandra Ramsteck described the many different ways in which her office, located in Town Hall Room 109 meets the needs of all ages and stages of Darien residents. Her staff has a wide range of experience and training in all areas of Human Services.

These services include counseling, support and outreach to families with a large variety of needs. Those for seniors include assistance with Medicare coverage, Medigap and enrollment in Part D prescription plans. There is a loan closet that provides medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers and canes. The group acts as liaison with the state Department Commission on Aging and counsels adult children making housing and health care decisions for aging parents.

A Darien veteran’s service contact person works as a liaison with federal, state and local agencies to provide information, referrals and support to veterans and their dependents and helps them access services they may be entitled to.

For families with financial needs, Human Services provides help in several ways. Energy assistance is provided to eligible Darien families for home heating under various State and local programs. A household supply closet provides eligible families with cleaning supplies and paper goods. Financial assistance is provided to families for a specific need on a short term basis.

For children, human services has a Back to School program that provides backpacks and school supplies to eligible children. To make holidays brighter, Thanksgiving and Holiday programs bring food, toys and gifts to needy Darien families.

League members were most impressed by Ramsteck’s description of the many services provided by Darien Human Services. For more information call 203-656-7328 or e-mail

Clara Sartori, Ali Ramsteck and Kate Larson