Darien’s net grand list, a list compiling the 70% assessed value of taxable real estate, motor vehicles and personal property in town, now totals just under $8.60 billion. Darien’s 2017 grand list reflects 0.9% in growth from 2016, a rate that has been consistent in recent years.

The Grand List establishes the town’s tax base, allowing leadership to make budget decisions based on the town’s anticipated property tax income and in turn impacting the the mill rate. Assessed values are typically 70% of the appraised value and are not necessarily indicative of market value.

Town Assessor Anthony Homicki also announced that Tyler Technologies, Inc Appraisal Division will begin preliminary data collection for the town’s revaluation in October. The consultant will be recording new construction, income and expense data for all taxed property in town. Questions for the revaluation could range from age of the resident’s home to the number of rooms. Interior inspections may be requested, but residents are not required to allow the consultant inside if it is inconvenient. Homicki said information gathered from the inspections will lead to more accurate data.

The revaluation has the potential to greatly impact next year’s grand list, as the assessed values of all the taxable property in town will be adjusted. Due to tax code changes at the federal level some residents may also face a more significant tax burden following the revaluation.

Real estate represents the bulk of the grand list and Darien saw an increase of about $62.84 million in assessed real estate. Darien’s most valuable piece of real estate continues to be the Avalon apartment complex at 137 Hollow Tree Ridge Road. Owned by Darien Financing LLC, the property is assessed at $38,365,180. The William Steinkraus estate on Great Island is the second most expensive property in town at $31.6 million. Wee Burn Country Club and the Country Club of Darien are valued at $20.99 million and $20.48 million respectively.

The town is still anticipating several new mixed-use developments in Noroton Heights and downtown Darien that would be major additions to the grand list in the coming years.

Eversource Energy and subsidiary Yankee Gas combine for more than half of the assessed personal property in town at approximately $96 million. Zotos International, a Darien based hair care company, has the highest amount of personal property outside of the utility companies in town at $3.28 million. Overall, Darien’s personal property values saw an overall increase of about $11,76 million to a total of $175,574,761.

A total of 17,667 motor vehicles were assessed at more than $249 million. Of the town’s 10 most expensive cars, three belong to the same owner, and three are Ferraris. The town’s most expensive assessed vehicle remains was a BMW 440i XDR valued at $387,800.

The Grand List is managed by the office of the town assessor in town hall. To inquire about tax assessments contact Assessor Anthony Homicki at 203-656-7310.