'Almost like a presidential election' - Darien voter turnout high at mid-day

The driving rain outside on Tuesday doesn’t appear to be putting a damper on the polls at Darien Town Hall. Polling locations are so busy that Darien Police have been called in to help navigate traffic arriving and departing, especially at the Board of Education building at 35 Leroy Ave. 

As of about 11:30 a.m., 3,738 people have voted for all six districts combined — a 27.4% voter turnout.

According to voting official Ray Slavin, the town of Darien is “way ahead of previous years’ midterm elections.”

“This is almost like what’s it’s like for a presidential election,” Slavin said. “By 10 a.m., the 22.8% turnout would be a full day of municipal voting.”

Strong opinions were expressed by voters on both sides of the political spectrum.

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Michael Litt said he plans to vote for Republican Thad Gray for state treasurer.  

He said this is due to the way the state pension plan is currently being run.

“A lot of people aren’t aware that we have the most poorly funded  and poorly managed state pension plan,” Litt said.

The state treasurer runs the pension plan, and it has been “poorly invested,” he added.

According to Litt, the state needs to hire a treasurer “who knows how to invest money,” Litt said. “The treasurer needs to being in experts and help figure out a solution to improve the management and funding of the state’s pension.”

He added that at the rate pension plan is going, it will probably bankrupt Connecticut within 15 years.

Denise Nappier, the current treasurer for almost 20 years, “has buried the state,’ Litt said. “We have a massive hole.”

Robin Roscillo,  however, said she plans to vote “straight Democrat,” and especially for Democrat Jim Himes for State Rep.  and Chris Murphy for senator.

“I agree with everything they say,” she said, adding, “I want to move forward, not backwards,” Roscillo said.

The issues that most concern Roscillo, she said, are gun control, women's and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights, as well as immigrant- and children’s rights.

“No child should be imprisoned at the border,” Roscillo said.

Waddy Platt is voting Republican, he said, and plans to vote for Bob Stefanowski for governor.

“I feel strongly that taxes are too high and I’m voting Republican because of that.”

“I like Bob Stefanowski. I feel like he will help lower taxes and bring more jobs back to Connecticut.”

Louann Hyder said she plans to vote for Republican Terrie Wood,  the incumbent state representative. Wood is running unopposed.

“I think she really represents our town,” Hyder said.

Hyder went on to say that communities in “affluent towns, such as Darien,” are “high taxed.”

“The large cities need improvement but I think communities like ours are footing the bill unfairly, and I would like to see Republicans back in office,” Hyder said.

Ruth Taubl said she is strongly against Democrat Ned Lamont, who is running for governor.

One reason for this, she said, is Lamont has “no comment on a lot of issues.”

“He says he will get to it ‘later,’” Taubl said. “If you are going to run for something, you should address the issues.”

She said she likes Bob Stefanowski because he “addresses the issues” and  “comes right out and says how he feels.”

Taubl said she is also against tolls.

“Tolls are going to hurt you and our gas tax is the highest in the country,” she said.

This state “needs a change,” said Taubl, adding she has lived in town for 71 years.