SLIDESHOW: Darien High School students participate in April 20 #NationalWalkoutDay

Maya Owainati is seen holding her sign which reads "GET up STAND up Don't Give Up The Fight".
Maya Owainati is seen holding her sign which reads “GET up STAND up Don’t Give Up The Fight”.

All photos Caitlin Feeley. 

Approximately 50 to 60 Darien High School students participated in a second national walk out on Friday, April 20, the day that marked 19 years since the deadly school shooting at Columbine. The students gathered in the courtyard of the school at 10 a.m.

Student Caitin Feeley shared her photos with The Darien Times of Friday's event. This event was unlike the 17-minute walkout in March, which the school was aware of and allowed students to participate in without penalty. That walkout was alerted to the administration in advance and notification about it was sent home by the district in advance.

Friday's walkout was rumored but not officially informed to the administration, and a note was reportedly sent home from DHS principal Ellen Dunn in advance noting participants would be penalized for missing class. Schools Superintendent Dan Brenner told The Darien Times Friday that he declined comment other than to note also that students would be penalized for missing class as they would any other day.

Darien High School teacher Jennifer Ladd participated in the walkout and wrote a letter to The Darien Times in which she said she had reconsidered walking off the job if stricter gun laws had not been passed by April 20. Read it here:

Caitlin told The Darien Times that out of those 50+ students that gathered, about 20 left campus and walked to the Noroton Heights  train station to attend protests in New York City. She said more wanted to do the same but feared possible punishment.

Ridgefield High School sophomore Lane Murdock spearheaded the April 20 national event and the Ridgefield walkout was more formally organized, including guest speaker Sen. Richard Blumenthal. The Ridgefield walkout was featured on the CBS Evening News national broadcast Friday night.