Middlesex Middle School informs parents of 'non-specific' violent Instagram post

Middlesex Middle School Principal Shelley Somers informed parents of a student's Instagram post that included "non-specific violent language and themes" Tuesday.

She assured parents that "at no time were students or staff were in a compromised position." Somers added that those responsible for creating the account were identified and parents and police were notified.

Darien High School had an incident last week in which a "non-credible threat" was made.

A rumor that a student was overheard after hours making threatening comments about harming classmates.

"We immediately contacted the Darien Police Department who thoroughly investigated the incident and determined that it was not a credible threat," Principal Ellen Dunn said.

The full email from Shelley Somers is below:

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: "Shelley Somers" <ssomers@darienps.org>

Date: Mar 6, 2018 2:06 PM

Subject: Instagram Report

Good afternoon. In an effort to safeguard against faulty rumors we want to share with you  that we were alerted this morning  of a student’s  Instagram post, which contained non-specific violent language and memes.   It had circulated amongst a limited number of MMS students. We were able to identify those responsible for creating the account, it was deleted, and parents and police were notified. Although police assured us that there was no imminent threat to any student or to the school, we took the necessary  precautionary steps to ensure the continued safety and well-being  of our children

Again, I want to reiterate that at no time were our students or staff ever in a compromised position and that we exercised extreme caution as we know you would expect.


Thank you for your continued support.   Shelley