Governor Dan Malloy unveiled a revised plan on Friday for the shifting of education aid across the state. The order would cut education aid statewide by 28% if no state budget is adopted by October.

Under Malloy’s plan, the money Darien was to receive from the Education Cost Sharing grant, just over $400,000, will be cut to zero. Darien is one of 85 districts in the state to see the ECS aid amount drop to nothing.

The Board of Education adopted a budget for the year assuming that the town would get nothing in ECS money in preparation for a cut such as this.

State Senator Bob Duff, who represents Darien and Norwalk, released a statement following the announcement, praising Malloy’s plan. Malloy’s order would keep Norwalk’s ECS grant completely intact, cutting none of the $2.8 million that the city is slated to get. Norwalk is one of just 30 districts in the state to see no cuts to ECS aid. These are the 30 lowest performing districts in Connecticut.

“The Governor’s announcement today that Norwalk will receive its full education aid payment is welcome news and will secure our investments in our students, and provide a level of budget clarity and certainty prior to the start of the school year. Democrats in the Senate have been working hard to produce a balanced budget that meets the needs of our cities and towns. We intend to caucus with our members next week and continue the progress we have made toward reaching a final agreement,” said Duff via press release.

Should a budget be adopted before October, these numbers could change again, but it remains prudent to not expect any ECS funding for Darien.