UPDATE 5:32 p.m. — Darien Police say they are confident that the rumored threat regarding Thursday, March 23 was unsubstantiated at Darien High School. Earlier, Schools Superintendent Dan Brenner issued a press release that there had been a rumor that "Do not come to school on 3/23" had been written in an unidentified boys bathroom.

Lieutenant Jeremiah Marron of the Darien Police Department said he and other officers visited Darien High School and met with school administration and members of the Board of Education following a rumor of a threatening message written somewhere at the school.

"Nothing was located. We discussed what the threat was and it was proven to be unsubstantiated," Marron said.

"As always, school safety, and the safety of the students and staff is paramount," he said.

Marron said the alleged threat did not target any one person or group of people.

"Communication between the police, the superintendent and the Board of Ed is ongoing. We are confident that school safety has not been compromised," he said

As far as Thursday, Marron said, "as usual, Darien Police Department will have a presence on the school grounds."

5:05 p.m. — Schools Superintendent Dan Brenner issued a press release on Wednesday that said Darien High School administration had been made aware of a rumor that someone had written "Do not come to school on 3/23" in an unidentified boys' bathroom.

After a thorough search of all bathrooms in the school, no evidence of this message was found.  Administration conducted a complete investigation, including questioning a number of students, and after consultation with the Darien Police, we are confident this rumor is unfounded and that there is no threat to our school or any of our students," Brenner said in the release.

"As always, please know that the safety of our children is our highest priority and we are committed to ensuring the well-being of our school community," Brenner said.