Darien High School was dismissed shortly after 9 a.m. Monday for residual odor from an overnight oil burner malfunction.

Principal Ellen Dunn sent out the following note to families, which was also posted on social media by the Darien Police Department:

Dear Families,

Overnight an oil burner at DHS was not functioning properly and an odor was detected on the first floor of the building. We became aware of the issue first thing this morning. The system has been adjusted and the problem corrected but the ventilation system will take some time to refresh the building. The fire and police have evaluated the situation and have determined that the air quality is safe. We have made the decision to dismiss school for the day to allow the for the odor to dissipate as at this time it is uncomfortable and disruptive to the learning process.

Students who travel by bus or who drive to school will be dismissed beginning at 9:15 am. All other students will be dismissed as parents arrive through the auditorium at the front of the building.

Practices and after school activities will be held at regularly scheduled times as we anticipate with confidence that the building will be fully cleared by that time.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Ellen Dunn, Principal

Schools Superintendent Dan Brenner said the air quality was fine but since the odor was so unpleasant to students the school opted to dismiss early. All after school activities remain on schedule Monday. Brenner said Darien High School will operate on its regular schedule Tuesday.