To the Editor:

After many years of hard work, we are finally in the home stretch of making lights a reality at Darien High School—the only town in Fairfield County currently without lights! The LED stadium lights and a new sound system have been approved and we couldn’t be more excited about this development for the future of so many generations of Darien student athletes. However, as with most great leaps forward, this one comes with a hitch. We need to raise $750,000 by May 2017. As of today, we have raised $600,000 — we have less than two months to fully fund the installation of the lights this summer. No $750,000, no lights.

We need your help to make our goal. As a supporter you will be recognized in perpetuity on a beautiful plaque on the east side of the pavilion wall at the DHS stadium. This will give you exposure to one of the largest, most attractive demographics in town — families with active, disposable incomes. The Darien Athletic Foundation has the most powerful social media presence in Darien with over 1,800 followers on Instagram and over 1,500 on Facebook.

Please consider supporting this wonderful community effort. Your support will help us reach the finish line and make a long awaited dream finally come true!

The Darien Lights Brigade committee