Schools Superintendent Dan Brenner sent an email to parents on Monday afternoon saying though school opened on regular schedule Monday, a tw0-hour delay would have been best course of action. An April snowfall covered much of the area with several inches of snow Monday morning and most schools either started with a delay, with some choosing to close after initally announcing a two-hour delay.

A tweet from the superintendent announcing the regular schedule received several critical responses in return Monday morning.

Recently, Brenner outlined the district process for making the open/closed/delay call during winter weather episodes at a Board of Education meeting.

At the time, he talked about how difficult it was to make the call.

“It’s a difficult decision. I frequently say to the folks who want to share their opinion about how bad the decision is that I’d be happy to give them a call at 4 a.m. and ask them to weigh in,” Brenner joked.

His full email to parents:

Dear School Community,

When faced with decisions around school closures and delays the safety of our students and staff is always my highest priority.  Many weather related decisions are straight forward, while others are more involved. In that spirit, I wish that I had the ability to use hindsight when making these  complicated decisions, but that is obviously not possible particularly after witnessing this morning’s snow event.

It is clear now that our best course of action would have been to begin school today with  a two hour delay. Unfortunately, when making the decision at 5:00am it was not nearly so clear.  As a result, I apologize for any worry that my decision may have caused to families, students and staff.

I want to report that all of our buses arrived safely to school today and with limited delays.  Given the current weather forecast we are confident of a normal dismissal this afternoon.

Here’s hoping this is our last storm of the winter/spring.

Thank you for your understanding.


Dan Brenner