The Darien High ASR program is thriving this year, with 58 students in three classes. Darien High hosted the CT STEM Fair for the second time this year, on Feb. 4.  About 250 students from around the state competed with their projects.  Darien results were:

Completed Projects

  • Behavioral:  Johnathan Stimpson, 4th; The Effect of Changes in the Stock Market on   Polling of Incumbent Presidential Candidates Using Time Series Analysis
  • Health & Medical:  Caleigh Morr, 4th; IgM Expands Regulatory T Cells and Demonstrates Therapeutic Potential for Type 1 Diabetes
  • Physical Science:  Daniel Pfrommer, 1st; AprilTrack: A Particle-Filter based AprilTag Tracker; Samuel Pfrommer, 4th; Determining Salient Control Decisions of the Actuated Spring Loaded Inverted Pendulum Traversing Slippery Terrain Using a Sliding Mass Model

Research Proposals

  • Environmental:  Carson Halabi, 3rd; The Effect of Valencia Orange Oil in Bat Caves Infected with White-Nose Syndrome
  • Health & Medical:  Paul Hager, 1st; Regulatory miRNA Responses to shRNA-mediated Knockdown of PLEKHA7, a Novel Agent in Tumor Suppression, in Various Endothelial and Epithelial Cell Types

CSEF Sponsorships

  • Daniel Pfrommer, 1st

Office of Naval Research

  • Daniel Pfrommer

ISEF Regional Awards

  • Intel; Excellence in Computer Science:  Andrew Benz; Determining the Optimal Implementation for Secure Multiparty Computation of the Logistic Function
  • Mu Alpha Theta Award:  Daniel Pfrommer
  • American Meteorological Society:  Ari Singer-Freeman; The effects of elevated  atmospheric carbon dioxide on body size in Drosophila melanogaster

Over 500 students from across the state entered the Connecticut science fair this year, held at Quinnipiac College in early March.  

Darien High winners:

Xerox Computer Science Award:  Andrew Benz

Environmental Science Award, Meyerand Young Woman Scientist Award, & University of New Haven High School Award in Engineering & Science:  Courtney Lowe; Efficacy of Azolla Fern in Absorption of Nutrients from Simulated Gray Water

Office of Naval Research Award:  Will Brandon; The Role of Rigosertib Treatment in the Expression and Localization of RASSF1 in RASSF1-Transfected Cancer Cells

Darien high seniors also competed at the Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium at the UConn Medical Center; 42 schools and over 70 students participated.

Darien’s Katie Cunningham, first runner-up for Oral Presentations (6th, Oral presentations); will attend JSHS Nationals in San Diego, CA in April and present her project, Dimorphism in Ostrich Foramen Magnums and Implications for Dinosaurs.

The ASR seniors are preparing for the NCC Science Fair, and all students will be participating in the annual DHS Science Symposium, to be held at DHS on Thursday, May 25, 6 p.m.  

Escher Campanella, Katie Cunningham, Claire Borecki, Catherine Gorey, Caleigh Morr, Andrew Benz