Darien High School's Class of '18 graduates Thursday night at 5 p.m. Today we will feature profiles of both the valedictorian and salutatorian. 

Darien High School senior Daniel Pfrommer has been elected as the salutatorian for the Class of 2018, earning the second highest grade point average in the class. Pfrommer was informed of this honor at the DHS Awards Night on May 24, when he and valedictorian Alex Wang were introduced.

Dan will be giving a speech at this year’s graduation ceremony to his classmates and peers, and is truly honored to be a representative of such an intelligent group of students, he said. Dan fully understands this, as he said, “As with any award, it’s an honor to be salutatorian, but there are a lot of other people who have worked just as hard as I did.”

Earning the second highest GPA at a school like DHS is obviously no easy feat, as the honor did not come without any challenges in the classroom. Daniel spoke a little bit about some of the specific classes he found trouble in, and had to work extra hard to find success, saying, “Largely because of my interest in computer science and my participation in extracurricular math clubs, it was social studies classes such as Honors World, AP US History, and AP Law and Gov that were the classes where I had to work the hardest due to the number of reading assignments and the breadth of content the classes covered.”

Pfrommer said that cramming for these extremely difficult social studies classes was one of the most academically challenging aspects of high school for him, forcing him to spend a lot of time in subjects that were not necessarily his strong suit.

While history classes were not his favorite subjects, Daniel took great interest in computer science and mathematics throughout his time in high school. Pfrommer always excelled in the math classroom, but at DHS he really flourished, joining clubs where he could compete and really showcase his abilities. Pfrommer was one of the leaders of the Math Club his senior year, and loves to spend time doing computer programming and working with technology. Outside of mathematics, Pfrommer also honed his debate skills as a member of Model Congress and is a member of the National Honors Society.

Due to his involvement in many clubs and activities, it’s hard to imagine that Daniel still has the time to be an outstanding student. He talked  about how important it is to stay organized in order to find success in multiple areas, saying, “Most of the time balancing academics and extracurriculars wasn’t an issue that I seriously ran up against. I’m involved in a reasonable number of clubs, but made sure not to overextend myself commitment-wise and kept my schedule filled within reason. I definitely came under a lot of pressure during the fall soccer season my Junior year, when managing my work in the classroom in addition to sports was a struggle.”

On top of his many interests, Pfrommer encountered a class at DHS that he unexpectedly had a very strong interest for Spanish class. Pfrommer said about the class, “Despite my career interest being predominantly computer science, I really sunk a lot of time into Spanish class. There’s something really amazing about learning and conversing in another language that really made me want to learn Spanish in my own time. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work.”

Pfrommer will continue to pursue his long list of interests at the University of Pennsylvania this fall. His speech will be published in the Darien Times the week after the ceremony.