Darien High School Theatre 308 is thrilled to announce two state-wide awards for the 2016 fall drama "As You Like It." “As You Like It” is a gender-bender, mistaken-identity comedy by William Shakespeare, and was directed by Andrew Rejan.  Grady Allen won Best Leading Actor in a Classic Play for his role as Orlando. A group of five students won Best Original or Incidental Music in a Play for the original music they both wrote and performed in the play: Jack Savage, Evelyn Sload, Isabelle Hole, Caeleigh O'Connor and Elizabeth Kelly.

Theatre 308 was nominated for a total of 17 awards for both of the 2016/17 productions, "As You Like It" and "Legally Blonde." A total of 64 high schools competed in approximately 50 events. The Halo Committee judges attended 117 shows throughout the state during the school year to make their decisions. The awards were announced Wednesday, May 31 at the Seven Angels Theatre Halo Awards Show in Waterbury.

In addition to these two awards for the high school, Middlesex Middle School teacher Tim Sorensen was recognized for 10 years of leading outstanding middle school theater. He was the only middle school teacher recognized by the Halos. Sorensen has also been nominated for the 2017 Tony Award (Excellence in Theater Education).