The Darien Board of Education will be holding a meeting and public retreat on Monday morning starting at 8 a.m. that will include discussions of board processes and procedures as well as self-evaluation.

The meeting will begin with a call to order at 8 a.m. by outgoing Chairman Michael Harman. Harman was not endorsed for re-election in November by the Republican Town Committee.

Following the call to order, Marjorie Cion of human resources will be updating the board on appointments and resignations within the district.

The retreat will follow that update.

The retreat will be conducted by Harman and Darien Schools Superintendent Dan Brenner.

The first item on the retreat agenda will be the discussion of board processes and procedures. That will be conducted by Brenner and Thomas Mooney from the district's legal firm, Shipman and Goodwin.

Following a lunch break, the board will have a prelimary dicussion of district goals, followed by board goals.

The final item on the agenda for the retreat will be a board "self-evaluation."

The meeting will take place in the Board of Education meeting room in the district offices at 35 Leroy Avenue.

Jim Cameron of Darien TV 79 said the district plans to tape the meeting/retreat and he expects to receive a copy by midweek, which he will then upload to Vimeo as soon as possible for on demand viewing.

The Darien Times will be covering the meeting. Follow for any highlights Monday.