Thursday afternoon fire displaces Holmes Avenue family in Darien

A Thursday afternoon fire that took two hours to put out has displaced a family on Holmes Avenue, according to Noroton Heights Fire Department Chief Ron Riolo.

Riolo said the porch was on fire and there was also a fire to battle on the second floor bathroom at the Holmes Avenue house that was located near West Avenue..

"We contained the fire to those two areas," he said.

"We had to break a lot of walls open in the bathroom to get to the fire on the second floor," Riolo said.

There is currently no cause stated for the fire, but Riolo said he did not believe it was weather-related despite the lightning that hit the area Thursday afternoon.

The homeowners were home as the firefighters put out the fire. Riolo said he knew of at least a husband, wife, and one child, as well as two cats. The husband was taken to the hospital for observation, but there were no other serious injuries.

The family is currently relocated.

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