Juvenile arrested in Sunday burglary on Darien's Post Road

UPDATE Tuesday 12:45 p.m. — Darien Police updated that though Sunday's incident was initially described as a "home invasion" and that it was called in an email to The Darien Times, the incident was not defined as a "home invasion" by statute. The charge in this case is burglary.

Monday 10 a.m. — An 16-year-old  from Stamford was arrested Sunday after Darien Police say he entered a Darien home on the Post Road, behaving incoherently, sweating and allegedly under the influence of a substance. Two Darien Police officers received minor injuries  in the arrest process and a Post 53 member was kicked in the face while transporting the suspect to the hospital.

On Sunday, July 16, at approximately 4:45 p.m, the Darien Police responded to a Post Road home on the report of an unknown party in the residence.

Police said the 16-year-old knocked on the front door of the house. A 10-year-old resident answered the door and the suspect entered the house. According to the police, the juvenile was making incoherent statements, sweating profusely, and appeared to be under the influence of a substance.

The 10-year-old  left the house and called his parents, and the parents called their 17-year-old son who was upstairs at the time and unaware of what was going on. The older son then confronted the juvenile, and a physical altercation ensued, resulting in the 17-year-old son being struck by the juvenile, police said. The 17-year-old son then left the house and waited for his parents to come home. The adults returned home and the adult male resident confronted the juvenile, who then became aggressive and attempted to attack the resident. The resident exited the home and called the police.

Upon arrival, Darien Police entered the house and confronted the juvenile. The juvenile became aggressive with police as they gave him commands and attempted to gain compliance, police said. He refused to comply, police said, at which point he was physically taken into custody. The juvenile struggled with officers during the arrest process, resulting in two officers being injured. Two officers reccived minor injuries in the process, neither required a trip to the hospital.

Due to his obvious impairment, police said Post 53 responded to the scene to transport the juvenile to Stamford Hospital. As the juvenile was continuing to be aggressive, an officer accompanied him in the ambulance. During the transport, the juvenile broke free of his restraints several times. The officer reported having to re-secure the leg restraints repeatedly due to the Juvenile’s aggressive outbursts. During one of the outbursts, the juvenile kicked a Post 53 member in the face, causing injury to his face and nose. The Post 53 member was treated by the Stamford Emergency Department upon their arrival.

Once at the hospital, where he was under guard by two officers, the juvenile was treated by Stamford emergency room staff. After being treated and no longer under the influence of intoxicant, the Darien Police Youth detective met with him and his parents.

 The juvenile was released to his parents and given a court date of July 18, 2017 at Stamford Juvenile Court for the following charges:

  • Risk of injury to a minor
  • Assault in the third degree
  • Criminal attempt to assault third
  • Three counts of assault on public safety personnel
  • Burglary in the second degree
  • Interfering with an Officer

Sunday 7 p.m. — A home invasion occurred in Darien on Sunday, Darien Police Detective James Palmieri has confirmed to The Darien Times.

Palmieri said Darien Police have the suspect in custody and there is no danger to the public.

In Connecticut, PA 08-1 creates the crime of home invasion. Under the act, a person commits the crime of home invasion by entering an occupied home with the intent to commit a crime,  attempting to commit a felony against someone else in the dwelling and/or armed with a dangerous weapon.

The act makes this crime a class A felony, punishable by 10 to 25 years in prison with a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence and a fine of up to $ 20,000.

No further details, including the time, number of residents involved, or specific address in Darien, were able to be released as of Sunday evening. The Darien Times will update as more information is available.