Bridgeport man arrested for possession of 10-inch knife and marijuana in Darien

A standard traffic stop led to charges for an illegal weapon and marijuana possession for a Bridgeport man on June 14. An officer stopped a car with no front license plate while patrolling near Old Kings Highway North and Brookside Road at about 6:15 p.m.

The driver, identified as Clive Scott, 22, told police the plate had fallen off and he hadn’t been able to replace it. While speaking with Scott, officers detected the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and when asked, Scott produced a small bottle containing the drug, along with a smoking device.

Darien police requested that K9-Argo conduct a search of the vehicle, which led to the discovery of more marijuana. Police also found a 10-inch fixed-blade hunting knife; Connecticut law only allows knives of four inches or less to be carried.

Based on the marijuana and weapon charges, Scott was placed under arrest. He was processed and released on a $500 bond, and given a court date of June 26.