A Tulip Tree Lane resident returning to Darien on June 19 told police his car had been burglarized. A MacBook computer valued at $500, black briefcase valued at $125, and two pairs of Bose headphones valued at $50 each had been taken from the vehicle. A resident of Rowayton Avenue had found paperwork belonging to the victim in his driveway on June 14. A neighborhood canvass was conducted and an investigation is ongoing.

On June 21, A resident of Fitch Avenue told police that her car had been burglarized overnight on June 16. The driver’s side door had been left slightly ajar and the glove box and center console had been opened. Nothing was reported missing from the car, except for its registration paperwork.

A Morehouse Lane resident also reported that his registration and insurance card were stolen from his car overnight between June 15 and June 16. The vehicle had been left unlocked in his driveway. In both cases, no other neighbors in the area reported burglaries.