Darien police are investigating two separate cases of identity theft. Authorities said a resident of Edgewood Road was contacted by her bank regarding a pair of fraudulent transactions made on April 26. A pair of withdrawals were made to a company called “SQL* Bruton” with an online application called Square Cash. The charges were apparently applied in California. The victim told police she had not been a user of the app.

Another resident was contacted by Macy’s regarding her store credit card account on April 1. That day she received a package containing a men’s Under Armour coat she had not ordered. She discovered the coat had been ordered along with four other items of clothing on March 27. She returned the coat to a nearby Macy’s store and had the rest of the order cancelled, ensuring that her money would be returned.

The victim then received a new Macy’s card with a new card number, but a series of four additional fraudulent charges were made under the new account number on April 26. All four charges were for footwear. She contacted Macy’s fraud department once more to continue the investigation. The victim told police she has maintained possession of her cards and there is no further evidence of local criminal activity.