Both the driver and passenger in a 2014 Toyota Corolla driving through Darien on June 24 were arrested for possession of narcotics after a traffic stop for no front license plate.

An officer on patrol on  that day saw a vehicle without a front license plate attached. Upon stopping the vehicle, it was learned that the registration plate belonged on an Acura. The officer made contact with the driver identified as Nathan Leon for Bridgeport through his valid Connecticut driver's license, police said. Police said that the vehicle was not registered and that the license plate being used belonged on another vehicle owned by Leon.

Before having the vehicle towed, an inventory of the vehicle was allegedly performed by the officer. During the inventory, police said a white powder in four wax folds and straws with a white powdery residue were located. The white powder weighed 1.18g as packaged and tested presumptively positive as cocaine, according to police. Leon was arrested for possession of narcotics, improper use of marker plate, operation of an unregistered motor vehicle and failure to properly display plates. He was issued a $500 bond, and has a court date of July 8 at Stamford Superior Court.

While conducting the traffic stop, the officer learned that the passenger in the vehicle, Mark Cacciotti, of Norwalk, had an active bench warrant for failure to appear. Cacciotti was taken in to custody. While conducting a search of his belongings incident to his arrest, the officer said he observed two plastic straws with white powdery residue at the tip. The officer also allegedly located a black leather case containing a vial of a white powdery substance. The powder field tested presumptively positive for cocaine and weighed 2.5 grams as packaged, police said. Cacciotti was held on a $5,000 bond, $2,500 for the bench warrant and $2,500 for the possession of narcotics. He has a court date of July 8 at the Stamford Superior Court.