A Darien woman was charged Sunday afternoon, April 19, with violating a protective order after she allegedly showed up where her brother works, according to police.

The brother, 26, is a Norwalk resident and has worked at the Stop & Shop supermarket on Heights Road for about three months, police said. The man came to the police department and reported the protective order violation.

The man told police his aunt had come into the Stop & Shop, they'd seen and acknowledged each other, and the aunt went back out of the store. [Note: The aunt has informed The Darien Times that she had not seen the man in this alleged initial, brief encounter.] "Approximately one minute later," according to the police report, the man said his aunt re-entered with his sister, Debra Williams, 35, of 4B Allen O'Neill Drive.

The man has a standing protective order prohibiting Williams from contacting him, and said that at that point he walked outside to the parking lot, where his girlfriend was, asking her to get a photo of Williams violating the order. The police report didn't specify if any such photo was taken, however.

Police spoke with Williams, who said she'd moved in with the aunt in Darien and they'd gone to return some cans at the supermarket. [Note: The aunt has informed The Darien Times that Williams was not living with her and that this information from the report is incorrect; Williams' address is in Norwalk, the aunt told The Times.] But the can deposit machine wasn't working, Williams reportedly told police, and the two had to get a store employee to fix it.

Williams said she "truly did not know that her brother worked in the store," police said, and also said she didn't know her aunt already had been in the store. Williams told police that she and the aunt planned to return the cans and also buy some cigarettes at the Walgreens by the Stop & Shop.

Similarly, the aunt told police she didn't know her nephew worked at the supermarket.

Nonetheless, police arrested Williams, charged her with felony violation of a protective order and held her on a $10,000 bond. She posted bail with a bondsman service and appeared in court in Stamford on Monday, April 20; she had an additional court date set for Thursday, April 23.