A Stamford woman was arrested for violating a protective order, interfering with an officer and criminal impersonation after police intervened in a dispute with her boyfriend on Nov. 18. Police responded to the area of Ward Lane and Post Road at about 5:15 p.m. on a report of an altercation.

Officers met with the woman and her boyfriend at the scene, who admitted they had been arguing but claimed that things were find. According to police the woman had grabbed her boyfriend in an attempt to stop him from during the argument. When speaking to police the boyfriend identified her as Diana Herrera, but when asked she said her name was Emelyn Principle.

When pressed further, the boyfriend admitted that the woman’s real name was Laura Herrera-Tututi. It was determined that there was a protective order in place against Herrera-Tututi and the boyfriend said he was originally trying to keep her out of trouble.

Officers responded to the above location in regards to an altercation between two people. Officers arrived and made contact with the two parties. The female on scene informed officers that she had argued with her boyfriend but that everything was fine now. The male on scene stated that the two had argued, and as he walked away the female grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving. The male identified the female by the name “Diana Herrera,” while the female would later identify herself as “Emelyn Principle.”  When questioned, the male party gave her real name and admitted he was attempting to keep his girlfriend from getting in trouble. Officers were able to determine that there was an active protective order on Herrera-Tututi with the male as the protected party. Herrera-Tututi was placed under arrest for the above charges. She was transported to police headquarters where she was booked and released on a $10,000 bond. She was given a court date of Nov. 20.

Mark Sherman, Herrara's lawyer, said he expects the charges to resolve favorably in court.

"It's a sensitive family situation that we hope to resolve with the assistance of family services," he said.