A 30-year-old Stamford resident was reportedly head butted by a pedestrian on Rings End Road on April 14. The victim told police he drove past the pedestrian and a small child on a bicycle that afternoon. The driver said he had crossed the double yellow lines to avoid hitting the them in the roadway, but the adult yelled out expletives as he passed.

The driver stopped and got out of the vehicle, and words were exchanged between the two. At this point the pedestrian allegedly head butted the victim and push him several times. The aggressor was described as a white male of average height with brown hair, wearing a blue shirt.

Police responded to the scene of the incident but were unable to locate the pedestrian or the child in question. Officers continued to search the area for people matching the description over the next few days but could not identify those involved. They attempted to follow up with the complainant but on April 24 he said he no longer wished to pursue the issue.