Police arrested a Stamford man for DUI after finding him asleep at the wheel with his car still in drive. Authorities received multiple calls regarding a gold SUV whose driver appeared unconscious at the wheel at about 1 p.m. on May 30.

Officers found the vehicle stopped in the middle of the roadway on Talmadge Hill Road and attempted to wake the driver by tapping on the driver’s side window. They instructed the driver, who was later identified as Carlos Merlos, several times to put the car in park. Though Merlos woke up, he appeared disoriented and did not park the car as asked. An officer then opened the driver door, at which point Merlos took his foot off the brake and the car began to move. The officer was able to reapply the brake quickly and put the vehicle in park and Merlos was removed from inside.

Officers detected the odor of alcohol on his person and Merlos, still disoriented, was told to sit on the side of the road while they moved his car. Merlos denied drinking any alcoholic beverages when asked, and could not answer questions about his where he was traveling.  

Merlos agreed to perform field sobriety tests but was unable to complete them to standard. He was subsequently arrested for DUI and the vehicle was towed from the scene. During an inventory of the car, officers found an empty Bacardi rum bottle in the back seat, when asked about the bottle Merlos told police he had been drinking tequila earlier.

Merlos was asked to take a breathalyzer test but according to police he attempted to trick the machine by inhaling rather than exhaling. His test was marked as a refusal due to multiple botched attempts.

He was charged with driving under the influence and driving without a license. Merlos was released on $250 bond and is due in court June 9.